York University is a private university located in Honolulu, Hawaii with classes online and at our affiliate campuses all around the world. Founded in 2001, York University is proud to offer a quality education to motivated, professionally focused students who want to learn real-world, practical experience.
At York University, we strive to help our students achieve their goals by providing educational opportunities to help them grow into more knowledgeable and productive leaders. Since York University’s founding, our students have grown to make positive contributions to their families, communities, and professions.
Programs Designed for Your Lifestyle
Programs Designed for Your LifestyleOur online programs are designed to be completed on your own time. Take learning at your own pace without the pressure that comes with strict deadlines. With our online programs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal life will never get in the way of your career goals. If online school just isn’t for you, we have partnerships with affiliated campuses all over the world. Regardless of your educational and career goals, York University has the programs to help you succeed

Our Mission

York University’s mission is to offer high quality educational opportunities that will enable students to reach their individual academic goals.
Through specialized course work and a highly individualized and creative learning environment, we seek to help our students to grow into well rounded professionals.
Through highly flexible programs, York University seeks to provide programs that work on any schedule.

Seeking a supportive learning environment to help them nurture and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

We seek to prepare our students with knowledge they can use beyond the classroom. That’s why at York University, you will learn from instructors with real world experience.
Complete your degree with confidence knowing that you’re ready to start using your degree in your professional life to help you achieve your goals.

Prestige of an American Degree

With a degree from York University, you will carry the honor prestige that comes with it. Earning your degree will open doors to discover new opportunities and enable you to reach your potential.

Affordable and Flexible

While earning a degree can mean a significant financial commitment, at York University, we pride ourselves on providing affordable programs to our students. Our online programs are also designed to be very flexible and allow you to complete your degree in a pressure free environment.

Behalf of all the faculty and staff here at York University, I want to wish you the warmest welcome and congratulations on your decision to further your education. For years as a traditional professor and administrator, I watched as students with great potential were unable to complete their degrees for financial, personal, or career pressures. At York University, I have made it my mission to offer a quality education that is both affordable and accessible to everyone.

staying on the forefront of technology, York University is able to offer an education that allows students the flexibility to continue to grow in their career or raise a family while earning their degree. As a student, you will have peace of mind knowing that no obstacle can stand in the way of your education. I believe that a degree from York University can truly change lives. With caring staff and dedicated professors with real world, industry experience, our students graduate prepared with the knowledge and understanding they need to grow in their careers and reach their goals. Stand out in today’s challenging job market with an education you can depend on. It is my sincere hope that York University enables you to make your dreams become realities.

Dr. Shawni Jakson, PhD


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    With York University, you will have the advantage of:

    • Learning from professors with real world experience.
    • Pursuing an education on your own time.
    • An American education you can afford.

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