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ESL 100 (ESL Level 1) ESL Beginner
This course introduces students to the fundamental aspects of the English language. Students will develop basic skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Beginner level grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation will be integrated into the lessons. Activities include a variety of real-life situations that require students to practice conversational speaking, read informal dialogue, and write complete sentences.
ESL 200 (ESL Level 2) ESL Intermediate
This course is a continuation of ESL 100. Skills acquired in the previous course will be reinforced and enhanced. Reading, listening, speaking, and writing will progress from a basic level to an intermediate level. Listening and reading comprehension will prepare students to identify main ideas and details in text and lectures. Stress and rhythm in pronunciation will be emphasized. Students will begin to write standard paragraphs using level appropriate grammar.
Pre-requisite: ESL 100
Project Success
ESL 300 (ESL Level 3) ESL Advanced
This course is for advanced English language learners. This course will introduce challenging material to increase proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Activities allow students to compare their pronunciation to native speakers in order to expand communication skills. Students will read and listen to advanced material and display their comprehension by answering questions and formal writing. New academic vocabulary, and level appropriate grammar will be integrated into the lessons.
Pre-requisite: ESL 200
ESL 400 (ESL Level4) ESL Intro to Business
This course is designed to prepare students for college level business classes. Students will be introduced to advanced level reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities. Students will continue to increase their knowledge of academic vocabulary, practice and refine pronunciation, and continue to develop an understanding of grammatical structures in authentic context. Business themed lessons will be the focus of this course. The level of fluency, accuracy, and comprehension required for this course is comparable to a traditional English speaking college course. The skill set acquired will prepare students to work effectively in an English-speaking business course.
Pre-requisite: ESL 300 or BUS300



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