When can I start courses with York University?
York University has open enrollment year round. Whenever you feel you’re ready to take on your goal of furthering your education, you can get started.
Does York University have location outside the US?
York University has affiliates in various locations all over the world. Please click here or visit our “Affiliated Campuses” page for further details about our international locations.
What do I need to complete my schooling online?
A computer and an internet connection is all that is needed to attend our online courses.
How long will it take to earn my degree?
Depends on the program you choose and the amount of credits tranfered.
The duration of our Full BBA program is approximately 2 years, and Our full MBA program is approximately 1 year.
An academic year is consisted of 4 semesters, with 2-4 courses per semester.
Can students take York University courses in a foreign language?
York University main language is English, however, we have translated all of our online courses into French, Russian and Arabic. In addition, our affiliates are authorized to give part of their courses in their mother tongue. For example, in Russia students may take part of their courses in Russian; in Turkey Turkish, etc.


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