P.H.D Programs

Doctoral Research Degree Program

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is a terminal degree reflecting independent mastery of a specialized field of knowledge, and the successful pursuit of original research. The PhD effort requires academic discipline together with a significant commitment of time and effort. It involves highly focused study in a particular area of interest culminating in an original research effort which adds to the general body of knowledge in the field.

Overview of the Doctor of Philosophy Degree
The PhD degree represents the culmination of extended academic study into a particular field of knowledge. Every doctoral program should be unified in relation to a clear objective. That is, it should have the approval of the student’s supervising professor, include focused academic course work which supports the research effort, and should include adequate hours of independent doctoral research. Those who earn the PhD must demonstrate significant intellectual achievement and must contribute to the scholarly knowledge in their field of investigation. Therefore, candidates for PhD degrees should have earned their Master’s degree in the field of study chosen for their doctoral work.
The Dissertation
The dissertation is an essential aspect of PhD studies. It is a formal written document representing sustained research or investigation into an important intellectual issue. The dissertation must be an independent effort which contributes to the accumulated wisdom of the field in which it is written. . All dissertations must meet rigorous academic standards and be professionally prepared in a format suitable for reproduction. Dissertations will be reviewed and approved by the candidate’s Supervising Professor and York University’s Academic Review Committee.
Dissertation Requirements
Every candidate for the PhD must prepare and submit a dissertation that shows independent investigation and is acceptable in form and content. The dissertation should normally be written in English and typewritten. Under certain circumstances, a dissertation may be completed in a language other than English, such as in the case of a PhD in a foreign language. One paper copy of the dissertation suitable for quality reproduction, unbound, with an appropriate abstract must be submitted for evaluation.
Style Guide for Reports, Theses and Dissertations
The standard format and style reference guide for all academic writing for York University is the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. This handbook should be consulted to determine the format, style, reference citation criteria and standard conventions for writing all reports, papers, theses and dissertations. Deviations from this standard are permitted only with the expressed permission of the student’s academic adviser.
Duration of the Program
The normal duration of the PhD program for full-time students is 6 semesters (24 months). Course work of 18 semester hours may normally be completed in three semesters (12 months). The dissertation may be completed in the remaining 3 semesters (12 months).
Our PH.D Programs:

  • Security & Investigation
  • International Relations
  • Legal Studies
  • Psychology
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Sport Medicine
  • Health Services
  • Public Health
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Communications
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studies-General
  • Complementary Medicine
Doctor of Business Administration

York University’s D.B.A. degree program is designed for experienced business professionals looking to take their careers to the next level by translating their industry expertise and becoming stronger leaders and thinkers within their organizations.

Online Doctoral Program
York University’s Doctoral programs are fashioned to produce more knowledgeable leaders and thinkers. As with all of York University’s online programs, the doctoral programs can be done on your own time, and are designed to fit into your schedule. Thus giving you the assurance that your work and family life will never interfere with your education.
What is a D.B.A?
The degree of Doctor of Business Administration, abbreviated (DBA) or (D.B.A.) which is equivalent to a PhD in Business Administration, is a professional doctorate program in business administration or/and related sciences. The D.B.A. requires coursework (6 courses at minimum) and research beyond the master's degree, normally results in a dissertation and possible applied science journal publication that contributes to a business practice. The research tends more towards applied research rather than theoretical research.
Difference between D.B.A and P.H.D
There is a core difference between PhD and DBA: While Ph.D.s aim at the creation of new theory, DBAs aim at applying theory to current business problems. The choice of D.B.A. or Ph.D is always relevant for those considering a doctorate and its contribution. A Ph.D in Business is more suitable for students who want to pursue a career exclusively in academics, while the D.B.A. has been designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the profession as well.
The coursework for York University’s Doctorate of Business Administration covers all areas in business and is designed to foster innovative ideas that can be applied to business objectives. The knowledge and prestige you earn by completing your Doctorate of Business Administration will help carry you into new endeavors and affirm your authority within the business community.


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