By investing in your education, you are making an investment in your future. At York University, we pride ourselves in provide an affordable, quality education that won’t leave our students with tons of debt. We help student to build a foundation they can use to further their careers.
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The following fees are for York University’s online studies. For the local affiliate program fees please contact your local representative.
Online Program Fees:

Degree Credits Tuition
Full undergraduate program 120 credits $11,450
Undergraduate completing program* 30-60 credits $6,300
MBA $7,920
Doctorate (Ph.D)- Research Only $12,400
DBA $30,000

Refund Policy
Tuition paid for distance learning is refundable on a prorated basis according to the number of courses already taken and started. The following conditions apply.

  • The application fee is non refundable
  • The effective date of cancellation is the date the student’s written withdrawal notice is received by the university
  • Refunds are calculated based upon the amount of tuition received by York University and the number of courses completed or in progress. The percentage of program credits not completed nor in progress is the percentage of the total program cost eligible for refund. Programs canceled before any courses have begun will receive a full refund of tuition paid.

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